Nutrition doesn't have to be a complicated math problem; learn the basics, eat intuitively

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Feed it or fight it"


Get busy living or get busy dying.

Schmidt Show

Chapter 1

We cannot change what we are not aware of; for me, it began with unconscious poor posture. Eventually it led to upper neck tension and back pain from studying long hours, working a desk job, working out incorrectly, and constantly looking down at my phone. I'm an extremely active person but I was naïve enough to think that I could push through pain because I was young. It didn't become glaringly apparent until my body started screaming at me after I pushed my limits with calisthenics, doing repeated handstands and overhead exercises without proper recovery.


I owe it to my best friend Mark for introducing me to a paradigm shift in the fitness world which included animalistic, full body-weight workouts that improved my physical strength, mental strength, and neuroplasticity. But lack of rehab and prehab lead to injuries, which led to the silver lining---figuring out why I got injured in the first place. 

Fascination and respect for the human body led me to nutrition, and nutrition led me to SoCal, the mecca of all health & well-being.

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